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My body is not a temple. It’s a playground.


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So I enrolled in the personal genome project a while back. I haven’t really mentioned it much here. I went to Boston for GET2012 – a conference with the other participants and to learn about the future of the study, and genomics in general.

“The project will publish the genotype (the full DNA sequence of all 46 chromosomes) of the volunteers, along with extensive information about their phenotype: medical records, various measurements, MRI images, etc. All data will be placed within the public domain and made available over the Internet so that researchers can test various hypotheses about the relationships among genotype, environment and phenotype.”

The security professionals I hang around generally roll their eyes at this. Heh. Yes, I know, it’s an insane amount of privacy to relinquish. I will gladly give it up to see this type of progress.

April 25, 2012. PGP participants at the 2012 GET Conference in Boston MA. * Photo credit: Mike Dravis and, CC-BY-SA
On a related tangent, I am infinitely intrigued with using our own bodies for experimentation. Yes, that probably sounds creepy… we’re trained that our bodies are off limits -that a select group of people are the final word….

People are already fucking around with their bodies in ill-informed ways. Foregoing actual treatment for crap like homeopathy. What if medicine, genetics, etc was more accessible? What if a Carl Sagan type came along and laid it all out for the average Joe? Let us tinker! I’ll happily take the risk of becoming a Darwin award. 😉

I love to see people implanting magnets and experimenting with their bodies. We’re on the tip of something amazing and I hope I live long enough to see it.

Google glasses? Fuck yes! Now implant it directly into my melon and drop the patent. kthx

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