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Illustrations for Modern Drunkard Magazine

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My friend Adam Pittman wrote a hilarious article for the Modern Drunkard about his adventures at last year’s DEFCON. They’re out in the bars around Denver as of yesterday. Go pick one up!
I had the privilege of illustrating the article.

There’s something magical about print for me.
I spent years as a UI designer. Working with the web has no feeling of permanence. The closest you get is the release to production, and even then, the design may change the next day. Granted I’ve done a little bit of print work, some t-shirts and physical swag designs, but those mediums have their limits.

This… full color on a printed page, in a magazine I loved well before I had the opportunity to draw for it…. well, I’m a little giddy.
Maybe it’s because I still have the Absinthe issue of MD from years back. I can’t be the only one that covets their old issues of the magazine. :-)

You can see the rest of the illustrations here:

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