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DIY Mini Magnetic Paper Lanterns


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***edited*** got the finals printed up on Vellum paper for extra lanterny-feel. Pics updated.

I had this idea for a way to pimp denhac. It started out as simple “take one” flyers. You know the kind. Tear tabs at the bottom with a number to call a dance instructor or a boat repairman or… whatever. The hackerspace version was more of a gag. “Free Mustaches for Social Engineers!” Sockwell came up with “Free Fork Bombs”.
OK, how about something real. Mebbe something fun to play with at a coffee shop where you would see such a flyer, but still cheap enough we could make 50 of em for next to nothing. LED throwies?

Long story short, I stayed up all night and got a little OCD about the design:


Instructions printed on Vellum, denhac sticker, strip of tape, adhesive magnet, cr2032, and an adorable pink LED.

The battery takes up most the package, so the LED is aimed at one end. Since I couldn’t get a consistent glow in such a small package, I blacked out most of it so just the white “DIY” lettering lights up.

Some test lanterns stuck to my fridge. :-)

So that’s it! It’s shit simple but silly enough I think people will have fun with them. Now to make 50 tiny kits and deposit them at every coffee shop I can find.

Here’s the print files. Perhaps you’d like to make some for your local hackerspace? :-)

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  1. Posted on October 11, 2012 by SamuraiJack

    Sweet package! Looks like a great way to promote DenHac. At first, I thought the instruction sheet was published by Make:Magazine or something like that (until I read the full article and instructions). Very professional job.

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