1. When the badge is first powered up, a couple of red lights will blink briefly indicating the badge type and permissions level

2. After this, the address of the bade will be displayed in binary (the "1" bit is on the bottom of the badge).  Since there are only 7 LED's, the display will be in green for badge address < 128, and red for address > 128 (A green 42 means the address is 42. A red 42 in binary means the badge address is 128 + 42 = 170). There are no badges with the address 0 or 128, so a light should always show. This will be displayed a few seconds.

3. The badge moves into the POV display thanking our key contributors. This last about 45 seconds. If you want to read it, spin the badge on it's lanyard on your wrist.

4. After that the badge moves into IDLE mode. It will periodically flash it's infection status (yes, these badges are contagious). A single blue LED flashing means you have no STD's (yet). As the con progresses you may catch various diseases. They are listed by position and color. From the bottom they are Chlamydia, Syphilis, Ghonorrea, Herpes, Hep C, and HIV. They vary in how easy they are to "catch". If you catch one of the first three, they will get "cured" after a random amount of time. If you get one of the last 3, you are stuck with it.

5. Every couple of hours for a few minutes, a badge will exclaim "Dongs!" and go into a special mode for a few minutes. When you are in this mode, you have the ability to command other badges.

Note that: Certain people with elevated permissions can control badges anytime. Also, if you have more than 3 STD's, showing, anyone can send commands to your badge at anytime, since obviously you are a slut.

6. Playing with yourself and others.

There are 2 control buttons on the badge, one is in the top center (A) , and on on the left (while looking at it) (B).

If you press the "B" button, the alcohol sensor portion of the badge is active. At first a bunch of RED led's will show. These will countdown while the heating filament in the sensor heats up, and and the display will turn green  when it's time to blow. When green, blow gently into the alcohol sensor at the bottom center of the badge. The display will reflect the raw sensor voltage. You will get one of three audio responses based on the relative levels. A buzzer means you need to drink more, ad happy song says you are in good shape, but probably still need to drink more.

The A button has two menu functions. A series of short presses will invoke some functions and tunes..  Press the A button in rapid succession the right number of times to access the functions:

1 press: The LED's will show the address of the badge who last sent a command to you. Nice to get back at whomever just pimped you over.
2 presses: Y3t1 Exclaims "Dongs!"
3 presses: Rick Roll
4 presses Nyan Cat
5 presses: Don't Stop Believin
6 presses: Star Wars Cantina
7 presses: Slayer's "Raining"
8 presses: PEW PEW sound effect
9 presses: Klaxon sound
10 presses: Long but pretty extreme chip tunes song showing off the sound works.

To go into mischievous mode, press and hold the A button until it beeps. This is the extended command mode where you can specifically send commands to other badges (if you have the permissions).

After the beep, release the A button, and enter the binary code of the destination badge. Use the A button for a 1 and the B button for a 0.   So if you want to address badge 12, you would enter it as AABB. 5 would be ABA. You don't need to enter the leading 0's, and the binary will shift into the LED's. After entering the destination number, enter the command in the same way.  When you stop, it will lock in the number and transmit the command to the other badge if you have sufficient privileges to send a command (or they are a slut).

So to play the pacman sound on badge 23 you would do the following:
<Hold A till it beeps>  <release A>     <tap the sequence  ABAAA (23)><pause till beep> <tap sequence ABBBB (16/0x10)> <pause>

If the permissions are right, the remote badge will start playing. Badge range has been 80-150 feet in testing so far.

Here are the standard commands you can send to others:

0x04  // Eddie's DONG voice
0x05  // Rick Roll
0x06  // Nyan Song
0x07  // Slayer Raining
0x08  // Journey Don't Stop Believing (main)
0x09  // Star Wars Cantina
0x0a  // Song Secret
0x0b  // Long Ass Chiptune Annoyance Song
0x10  // Pacman Sound
0x11  // Pew Pew
0x12  // Klaxon
0x13  // Siren

7. Am I Alone?

The badges are also quorum sensing. Whenever there are 25 other badges in range, the badge will type out a rough DTMF "303" tone to indicate the presence of 303. The display will flash faster, and will not revert until less than 15 people are in range. So you will frequently know you are among friends.

8. Yeah they do other stuff too.. that's for me to know :)

~Th3 D0n


If you press the top button while a song is playing, the badge freezes up playing the note that the song was playing at that point. You need to reset by sliding the battery down away from the contact to reset.